EZscripting.co.uk Write, Read and Search a database on your website

EZscripting has the total database solution for your website. Each script is designed to work in the same style and design as your website with ease, all scripts use standard CGI Perl. Since 1999 EZscripting has provided database tools to millions of websites around the globe. Write, Read and Search a database on your website. Create your own form and write the results to a database. Create a search engine for your database, then display the results in your website style, automatically filter data and insert it into your website.
The CSV Scripts
CSVwrite - Write to a database from a web form
Send information to a database from a form in a webpage. Very simple to set-up and customise with the look and feel of your own website. The data is stored as a CSV database. (CGI/Perl)

CSVread - Read a database and display the results in a webpage
Display information from a CSV database on your website. Plugs directly into your site look and feel with little effort. Automatically filter the information displayed. (CGI/Perl)

CSVsearch - Search a database and display the results in a webpage
Search your on-line database and display the results in the same look and feel of your website. Provide as many or few options for searching, as you want. Very easy to set-up. (CGI/Perl)

CSVedit - Edit your database
Manage your CSV database online. Edit data without downloading the database. Information is displayed in your template. (CGI/Perl)
About EZscripting
EZscripting was created in 1999 by Darren Deans and based on an original idea by Mutasem Abudahab. In 2000 the scripts were fully re-written and launched on EZscripting.co.uk as free downloads. The scripts became very popular and have been downloaded millions of times. The site moved domain to EZscripting.com and advanced 'Xtra' versions were launched. In 2006 the site changed ownership to Jan Buys however sadly Jan died in 2012 and the site continues to be managed by Jason Tizedes. This EZscripting.co.uk site is based on the original design in 2000 and today acts as a fan page of the original scripts and project. You can download the current scripts and get full support on the official website www.EZscripting.com